Regions of Croatia

Sunny Dalmatia is situated on the Adriatic Coast and features a charming jumble of picturesque historical towns and villages, sunny beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Its major destinations include the beautiful cities of Dubrovnik and Split, both of which boast historical town centres that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Fertile Slavonia is a region of wide open spaces and lush green fields. This north-eastern corner of Croatia borders Hungary in the north, Serbia in the east and Bosnia in the south. From the imposing Art Nouveau buildings of its largest city, Osijek, to the natural beauty of Kopački Rit, the region’s premier nature park, Slavonia is a area of great variety and natural beauty that has yet to be discovered by the everyday traveller. This region is famous for its cultural and eco-tourism, and is the perfect place to discover the wealth of local traditions and natural beauties that Croatia has to offer.

Central Croatia is home to the country’s capital city, Zagreb, and is dotted with hundreds of beautiful small towns and ancient castles. Zagreb is a city characterised by its stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture, thriving cafe culture, and burgeoning cultural scene. (You can read more about Zagreb’s many attractions here.) Central Croatia is also home to the mountainous region of Zagorje, famous for its beautiful landscapes, dotted with rolling vineyards, medieval castles, and tiny villages.

Romantic Istria is often called the ‘Tuscany of Croatia’. This western peninsula is famous for its history, its winemaking, and its excellent cuisine. Istria’s rolling hills, dotted with quaint historic villages, evoke the beauty of the Italian countryside, but Istria nevertheless retains a character that is all its own, thanks to the rugged coastline than encircles the peninsula, creating thousands of lovely pebbled beaches for travellers to enjoy. Istria is home to the city of Pula, which boasts one of the best-preserved ancient Roman amphitheatres in the world. This region is also famous for its truffles, and for its light and delicious cuisine.

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